'Gurukul Pratishthan' is a charitable trust founded by Shri Vivek Sonar. He is one of the senior most disciples of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, world-renowned exponent of the Bansuri instrument. Fuelled with the idea of promoting and popularizing Indian classical music and other art forms, the institute was born.

The main objectives of Gurukul Pratishthan are:

1. To conserve and carry forward the heritage and legacy of Indian classical music and other art forms like painting , sculpting, ‘lok kala’ etc. through practice and continuous research
2. To spread awareness about Indian classical music through activities like -

  • make learning different art forms more accessible and viable
  • create outreach programmes like music workshops
  • offer scholarships as an encouragement to young learning artists

3. To provide a platform like ‘sangeet sabha’ for young and amateur artists to hone and practice their art
4. To honor and felicitate senior renowned artists for their contribution to the field of music

Gurukul academy, formed in 2006, is an institution dedicated to bansuri and other forms of Hindustani classical music. Gurukul is in the process of making many good bansuri players through the able training of Vivek Sonar. Besides Basuri, Hindustani Vocal & Tabla training is also provided to students by respective Gurus.

Chairman: Vivek Sonar (www.viveksonar.com)
Treasurer: Deepak Sonawane
Advisor: Sandip Malvi
Secretary: Ghanshyam Sonar
Member: Kavita Sarode