Vivek Sonar’s Gurukul Pratishthan’s Bansuri Utsav's is a unique Indian classical music programme, held every year in Thane since the year 2007; with just 35 artists playing Bansuri or flute in unison, a particular raga or composition. The month of January 2013 presented to its audience the sixth season of Bansuri Utsav.


The 'Flute Symphony' is a novel concept put forward by Vivek Sonar in the year 2007 and has been living up to its promise of an incredible experience for connoisseurs of music.

The symphony, akin to a hundred-piece orchestra consists of a group of artists on flute in the centre, accompanied by other artists on instruments like keyboard, saxophone, guitar, drums and other delightful variations. Every year the symphony has featured a special Indian classical raga based composition. Each piece has been notably different from the earlier one, classic yet new, refreshing yet nostalgic. Some of them are compositions based on Raga Yaman, Raga Bhinna Shadja, Raga Kirwanee and Raga Khamaj to name a few.

In the process, setting benchmarks against you for yourself. What began as a group flute bhajan performance has transitioned beautifully into a treat for the audience.


The rich legacy of Indian classical music had not gained much root in the Khandesh region of Maharashtra. In the year April 2010, in his hometown Chalisgaon, Vivek Sonar started the music movement called ‘Khandesh Sangeet Samaroh’. The effort was to ensure that the roots of music held ground and people learnt to appreciate Indian classical music even in small towns. Through this occasion, it was possible to bring performances of leading artists from all over India to music lovers of Khandesh.

After In April 2011, Pt. Hariprasadji Chaurasia performed a solo flute concert; first time in the history of Chalisgaon. More than 4,000 people stood mesmerized by his divine flute. Around the same time, the concept of an annual music festival came forward. The festival for music in Chalisgaon called ‘Khandesh Sangeet Samaroh’ began in February 2012. Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia ji regaled the audience one more time with Pt. Amarendra Dhaneshwar (vocal). ‘Goonj’ a flute symphony, performed here was a much talked about event for long.

Rendition of Marathi gazal by gazal-navaz Bhimrao Panchale presented the audience with a unique opportunity. Shri Bapu Chaudhari (vocal) and Shri Kalyan Apar (Shehnai) have also performed for this festival.

Mahesh Gurav (saxophone), Vilas Gurav (trumpet), Manoj Gurav (flute)

In the year 2010, in memory of Vivek Sonar’s father, Late Shri Ramchandra (Vishwanath) D. Sonar, Gurukul Prathishthan started the annual music programme called ‘Aadaranjali’. The programme is held in Chalisgaon in the month of May every year.

Stalwarts like Pt. Roopak Kulkarni (flute) and Pt. Kalinath Mishra (tabla), have featured in ‘Aadaranjali’. Budding talent like Mrs. Shobha Chaudhari (vocal), Sachin Patwardhan (sarod) and Milind Raikar (violin) have also performed on the same stage.

Yearly musical event in memory of Master Anant rao Gurav at chaligaon is another musical event is organsed by gurukul pratishthan at Chalisgaon.

Gurukul Sangeet Sabha - Press Release